Well lets say challenge this year was a BLAST this has probably been the best and far most my favorite class so far. Also i have had a great time with all the projects and researching items on the computer, plus the blogging!(: my favorite time in here was probably playing with the I-Pads. i wish we could of checked them out and like did a project on them for a few days or soo…that would of been amazing! well i am probably going to really miss this quarter and this class!(:


Well what can i say this game is pretty challenging…i mean you have to think ahead of your next move or you might run out of money like i did..I only made it to day 11. i also applyed for the ware house job i think that was the best because it cost more so you also got payed more on your pay day. The one thing i think troubled me was having to buy gas and i had to repair my car that brought my money down low on like the 8th day..well i wonder if you try this what you will get so i will put the ULR on the bottom of this. Well if you guys try this post on how you did!(:

My passion…

This is pretty much my passion…soccer is a huge part of my life and it always will be. I don’t think anyone can ever change that either. I have been playing soccer for as long as i can remember. My parents are always right beside me supporting me in my games and telling me it will be okay when i screw up in a game. I always give a 110% in my soccer games so i know when i look back someday on my past i know that i don’t have to regret anything that as happened on the field.


Special Quote

“When things end, what matters is not that everything’s in pieces, it’s how you decide to carry them..”

-author unknown

This is going to have to be my favorite quote in the whole world because its basically telling you that when something goes wrong you think the worlds going to end right there at that very moment, but its not. You have to believe in yourself that no matter what happens your always going to take one for the team and chase after your goals even when you feel like the world is crushing into pieces. It’s up to you wether your going to decide to forget about everything or give up on something just because someone hates you or if your going to shake off all the hatred in the world and continue on with reaching everything you have worked so hard for. So next time someone or something puts you down remember you don’t have to feel down the rest of your life just get yourself together and go back out there and try again…

Bummer! Guitar Hero gets ax

The company behind Guitar Hero thinks that more people much rather guns in there hands instead of guitars. So on this coming Wednesday Activision Blizzard Inc., which also produces the Call of Duty series, is ending the Guitar Hero after its been here for 5 years. Clearly more people are into Call of Duty then playing a guitar. That move is also followed by ┬áViacom Inc.’s decision in November to sell its money-losing unit behind the “Rock Band” video games. I think people are getting to addicted to Call of Duty. I mean maybe playing for a few hours is fine but constently playing it for days is out of control. At least for Guitar Hero has music and its not that violent. Maybe too some crazy people in the world Call of Duty is influencing some of the killings and shootings in the world. You never know…..

About me!

Hello my name is Megan and I’m a 7th grader. I do go to NJHS. I have never blogged before so I’m not really sure what too all talk about. I am 13 years old and i live in Nebraska. I love to play sports and i guess i’m pretty smart. My top two favorite sports would probably have to be soccer and basketball. I play in a soccer league called Express Soccer during the summer and sometimes during the fall. Then i also play club basketball during the spring. Also pretty much all year long i go to dance at Dance Etc. I love hanging out with my friends, i try too hang out with them as much as i can whenever i’m not busy with sports.

I also love to be with my family! I have two brothers. One is Noah he’s 10 years old and also in middle school. Then theres Ty he just turned 6 and he’s a little Kindergartner. Both of them can be a handful at times but i guess you have to deal with them. I also sort of like to go too school. It’s not my favorite but I still have to go. My favorite subjects would probably have to be P.E. and Math. I am really athletic so i like anything to do with sports. I also love too listen too music! Probably ┬ápop and hip hop is the best for me. Well this is a little bit about me(: