Special Quote

“When things end, what matters is not that everything’s in pieces, it’s how you decide to carry them..”

-author unknown

This is going to have to be my favorite quote in the whole world because its basically telling you that when something goes wrong you think the worlds going to end right there at that very moment, but its not. You have to believe in yourself that no matter what happens your always going to take one for the team and chase after your goals even when you feel like the world is crushing into pieces. It’s up to you wether your going to decide to forget about everything or give up on something just because someone hates you or if your going to shake off all the hatred in the world and continue on with reaching everything you have worked so hard for. So next time someone or something puts you down remember you don’t have to feel down the rest of your life just get yourself together and go back out there and try again…

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